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At Coyote CrossFit, there is room for everyone.  It isn’t about where you are now.  It’s about where we know you can be.  Your desire to be better matched with our experience will help you achieve your fitness goals.  Then, we will help you make new ones!  Click HERE to begin your CrossFit journey.

What our athletes are saying?

Real words from real people just like you!
  • There is no question that I have gained strength. I am using weights that I never dreamed I could lift. I have increased my energy level tremendously and I feel fantastic.
  • CrossFit has affected my life outside of the gym. I feel more confident in myself and a sense of accomplishment outside of the business world. There is a great community at Coyote which makes it something to look forward to every day!
  • Not only have I gotten stronger on the outside, I have an inner strength that has come through and touched all aspects of my life including work, family, and my faith. The people and trainers at Coyote are really what make it such a special place.
  • Come in with an open mind, push yourself past the pain and never ever give up. You will never regret it.
  • Start slow, learn good form, keep coming back!

Want to be better prepared for your first visit to Coyote? These short videos will take you a long way toward that goal.


Over and over again our athletes experience results faster with CrossFit than any other form of exercise.  This is due to our precise methods tailored to each athlete.  Our ability to instruct each athlete based on their goals allows us to progress consistently.

Community Environment

You will never train alone.  You will be surrounded by others who are becoming better right beside you.  This provides unmatched levels of accountability and motivation.  This is about getting better and celebrating success together.


We have done the thinking for you.  No need to spend hours building your own regimen.  We have trained hundreds of athletes just like you, and we know how to get results.  Your job is to walk in the door ready to give your all.  We take care of the rest.