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August Athlete of the Month:

Ali West Hudson

Coyote Interview Picture


When did you start doing crossfit?

I started doing Crossfit in January of 2012.

What is my favorite WOD?

I can’t say that I have one favorite WOD. My favorite type is one that pushes me beyond my limit. WOD’s that make you believe you don’t have another rep/round in you are the ones that change you mentally and physically. But, every now and then… I like a good “Annie”.

What is your least favorite WOD?

This is a no brainer- any WOD with ROWING or WALL BALLS! I was not built for either movement!

What is your favorite lift?

I love snatch and over head squats. Both movements are all over body workouts, and you can feel every muscle working!  I struggled with the concept of the snatch movement when I first started. I had never weight lifted, much less snatched! So, it took a lot of patience from Coach Chris and a lot of practice on my end!

What is your least favorite lift?

It’s a tough choice between squats and deadlifts.

What is your favorite cheat meal?

My absolute favorite cheat is ICE CREAM! I have an extreme sweet tooth.

Tell us a little about yourself.

I grew up doing gymnastics, cheerleading, dance, softball, and basketball. I ended up cheering at Mississippi State University for one year!  When I am away from the gym, I love to paint, draw, decorate, garden, and bike with my husband, Austin Hudson!  I met my husband 4 years ago and we were married last June. I am a Regional Sales Representative for a wholesale home décor and accessory vendor named Kalalou! I am the mother to two sweet puppies. We have a Black lab named Cache, and a Boston Terrier named Madison Rosalie (Maddie for short!).  Crossfit has become a family affair for me! My husband and I started together, and then my sister, Stephany Cooper, and her husband, Jeff, joined in on the fun!

What were you doing before Crossfit?

Before Crossfit, I was doing a lot of running and body pump at the courthouse. I was terrified to lift weights!

What were your thoughts after your first WOD?

Considering my first real board wod was Fran… I thought I was dying! It took me 14 minutes to complete the workout and I used 35 lbs

What were your goals when you joined Coyote?

To gain back some muscle strength. I had started running again, and lost a lot of muscle mass.

Have you achieved any of these goals?

Definitely!  I have come a long way from when I started and thought the 15 lb bar was heavy!

Has Crossfit affected your life outside of the gym?

Absolutely!  The CrossFit community is so unique, and Coyote is a big family. I have met great people throughout the years!

Do you have any special memories/achievements during your time at Coyote?

I could write a book! I have had more dumb injuries doing CrossFit then I can name. I have made my nose and chin bleed on several occasions by accidentally hitting myself with the bar on snatches and push jerks… I have fallen off of the GHD machine and onto my head!… The list could go on and on!    When I first started, I was terrible at jump ropes and wall balls. Yes, plain jump ropes!  One of my first few board WODs included wall balls. I picked up to 10 lb ball thinking that I would be able to do it… After it repeatedly coming down and smacking me in the face, Chris brought over a little kickball for me to work with. I was mortified!  Although I still hate walls balls, I have come a long way.  My biggest accomplishment is getting a muscle up… It’s not pretty and consistent, but I am working on it!

What advice would you give someone just starting at Coyote?

Practice, commit, and get comfortable with being uncomfortable! You hear the coaches say it often, but find your dark place during each workout!  Eat healthy… Eating cake or ice cream before a wod will end bad.  Make friends with pre-existing gym members. Somehow, you begin spending more time with them then your own family. (Unless your family is part of the gym!)  Most of all… Have fun! That’s why we’re all there anyways!

Tell us something we might not know about you?

I’m an extremely quiet person….. until you get to know me!