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Claudia’s drive to win is unmatched at Coyote. She is able to dial this in perfectly when working with our athletes in order to help them achieve their very best. We are grateful to have her on our team. She may or may not have a slight LuLu obsession.  Learn more about Claudia below.









Best CrossFit Memory

My best Crossfit memories are the ones that remind me where I began this journey. I think my favorite is when I was first learning to snatch. The struggle was so real with 35#, and I couldn’t figure out how to move the bar past my knees without bruising them on the way up. Now when I’m having a tough day at the gym, I can remember moments like these, see my progress, and be encouraged.

Coaching Goals

Many of us have different reasons for doing CrossFit.  It’s what makes this sport so universal.  As we continue to progress our goals change. My goal as a coach is to help you achieve your individual goals by encouraging you along the way.  Many days will be tough.  That’s why I am here. I am continuing to learn every day and enjoy sharing my knowledge with our athletes and seeing them succeed. 

Claudia grew up in Dothan, AL and attended Auburn University where she met her husband, Patrick. While at Auburn, Claudia received a Bachelor’s Degree in Communication Disorders and was a cheerleader for the Tigers. She then attended UAB where she earned a Master’s in Physical Therapy. She and Patrick moved to Madison in 2010 with their 4 children.
Claudia discovered CrossFit in 2013. Prior to that, her free time and competitive drive were focused on training and showing horses. When her horse developed a ligament issue, they were no longer able to compete. CrossFit stepped in and filled the void. Claudia enjoys the many challenges and rewards that the sport of CrossFit brings, but she believes that it’s the people around you that make the CrossFit experience so meaningful. The support and encouragement from others in the Coyote community is unique and priceless.
Claudia also considers it a privilege to be able to coach other athletes and share in their successes as they transform into stronger individuals both inside and out.
1 Tim. 4: 8-10

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