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May ’16

May Athlete of the Month:

Chris Chance




When did you start doing crossfit?

November 2013, 2 1/2 years ago.

What is my favorite WOD?

Anything with hand stand pushups and rope climbs.

What is your least favorite WOD?

Crossfit Open 14.5/16.5

What is your favorite lift?

Power Clean

What is your least favorite lift?

Snatch & Overhead Squat

What is your favorite cheat meal?


Tell us a little about yourself.

I have been married to Angie for almost 24 years (May 23), and we have 2 boys, Brooks (18) and Bryce (13).  I’m the Recreation & Parks Director for the City of Ridgeland.  I spend my time working, at Coyote, at church, or following my boys from one ball field or court to another.  

What were you doing before Crossfit?

I had spent years moving from one workout gimmick to another, reading about and trying different things.  Immediately prior to joining, I had been doing a lot of nothing for about a year and I was in the worst shape of my life.

What were your thoughts after your first WOD?

That I had never had my butt kicked like that before, that I was embarrassed about how poorly I did, and that I couldn’t wait to come back the next day.  I had no idea at the time how badly I would hurt the next day.

What were your goals when you joined Coyote?

Just to get in better shape and try to improve the way I felt and looked.

Have you achieved any of these goals?

All of them and so much more.  I’ve gone further than I thought possible, and still have more to accomplish.  But, I’ve managed to get off of blood pressure medicine, and when I have my yearly physical now my doctor doesn’t tell me that I could stand to lose a few pounds.

Has Crossfit affected your life outside of the gym?

Absolutely, it has changed it tremendously.  I have a great group of new friends from the gym, and I also just feel better about myself in everything I do.  I feel healthy and athletic for the first time in a long time, and I’m capable of doing things I couldn’t have imagined before I started at Coyote.  Moreover, i have things that I’m currently not able to do that I know I will achieve in the future.  Also, while I don’t pull off my shirt very often in everyday life, I don’t feel like I need to go swimming in a t-shirt when I’m at the beach or the pool.  Before Crossfit, I didn’t have that kind of self-confidence.
 Finally, I just have more energy every day.

Do you have any special memories/achievements during your time at Coyote?

Finishing all of the workouts in the 2014 Open, after only having been at Coyote for four months; finishing 14.5 during that Open, a feat that people who saw it still talk about (although not in a good way); doing Murph for the first time, then doing it last year in a 20 lb. vest; legless rope climbs; and getting a bar muscle up during this year’s open.  I’m also proud of the fact that my wife, Angie, works out with me at Coyote regularly, and when their busy schedules allow it, so do my boys Brooks and Bryce.  It always makes a good memory when all four of us are in the gym together.

What advice would you give someone just starting at Coyote?

Trust the coaches, trust the process, and don’t get discouraged.  When you do get discouraged, remember that those of us who have been in it for years still find things frustrating, but it’s all part of the process.  If you give it 6-8 weeks, it will change your life.  Finally, most people I talk to about giving it a try are worried about what others will think.  My answer to this is two things: 1) Coyote is the least judgmental place I have ever been, with the best trainers and members you could ever ask for, and 2) everyone else is too busy trying to survive to worry about what you are doing.  We’ve all been to that dark place where you think you’ll never breathe again, and we all go back there almost daily.  You will get to a place where you crave that feeling, and that’s a good thing.

Tell us something we might not know about you?

My happiest times are traveling with my family, seeing new things and having new adventures: zip lining, hiking, white water rafting, and other things we’ve yet to try.  I also love to read, and my dream is to write a book someday.