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October Athlete of the Month:

Meredith Guider

When did you start doing CrossFit?

July 2013.

What is my favorite WOD?


What is your least favorite WOD?

Annie. I’m terrible at double unders!

What is your favorite lift?

Snatch. It’s also the most frustrating for me, but when it clicks and everything goes right it just feels good. 

What is your least favorite lift?


What is your favorite cheat meal?

Pizza. And ice cream

Tell us a little about yourself.

I’m from the little town of Utica, and I have a twin sister and a younger sister. I grew up riding horses and playing basketball in high school and then intramurals in college. I have a puppy dog named Abby who I rescued as a puppy.

What were you doing before Crossfit?

I was running and working out on my own at Anytime Fitness. I was getting bored with the same routine every day. 

What were your thoughts after your first WOD?

I’m dying and I can’t move my arms! For real though, I came on a Monday and we did a wod with push-ups, pull-ups, and wallballs. It was the only workout I did that week, and I couldn’t bend my arms for at least 5 days afterwards. But I came back a week later and haven’t looked back since.

What were your goals when you joined Coyote?

I wanted to find something challenging that I wouldn’t get bored with. I just wanted to be generally fit and feel good about myself.

Have you achieved any of these goals?

Definitely. I’m stronger than I’ve ever been and I’m still motivated to keep improving and being the best I can every day.

Has Crossfit affected your life outside of the gym?

Yes, it’s helped me be more confident about myself in all aspects of life. But also the friendships I’ve made in the gym don’t just stop once I leave there.

Do you have any special memories/achievements during your time at Coyote?

Getting through the first workout that I  Rx’ed my double unders! I was the last one to finish that WOD but I was proud of myself. 

What advice would you give someone just starting at Coyote?

Don’t be scared of doing something you’re unfamiliar with or not good at. We all had to start from the beginning and there are still movements and lifts I struggle with. But the coaches at Coyote are the best and willing to help you all the way. And the community and support you’ll get from everyone else is unbeatable.

Tell us something we might not know about you?

I have a huge sweet tooth.