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Whiteboard Basics

One of the most powerful tools to encourage consistent gains is built directly into our website.

  • PR tracking

  • leaderboards

  • athlete profiles

  • the Whiteboard

Why go through all the trouble of keeping your own work out journal when you have the Whiteboard?  You most likely already check the WOD blog every day.  We have incorporated the Whiteboard directly into our blog to allow you to track every WOD every time.  Never wonder about what you need to PR on any lift ever again.  It’s all right there under your Athlete profile.



All you have to do is visit the WOD page and click the button that looks like this:


Whiteboard Button

Once clicked, the button will reveal a pop up window that looks like this:



Next step is to click the red plus sign (+).  This will allow you to add your results for the WOD.


Whiteboard Results


 Anytime a new email is entered in the blank above, Whiteboard recognizes you as a first time tracker and prompts you to create a profile password.


Whiteboard Prompt

Whiteboard Last Step

 It’s just that easy to begin tracking your Crossfit progress!  We encourage you to check your profile often.  Within your profile, you will be able to see graphed results of WODs, Benchmark work outs, Personal Records, and a comprehensive Logbook.  Take advantage of this powerful, free resource to track your progress.  See the CF Whiteboard instruction video below to learn more about the many benefits of Whiteboard.